A camping butane torch is a portable tool that utilizes butane gas as a fuel source to produce a focused flame for various outdoor activities. It is commonly used during camping trips for tasks such as lighting campfires, cooking, and performing repairs or maintenance.

Barbecue torch GF9262
super double flame torch GF9262

Camping butane torch GF9262 has a sturdy construction that’s designed for one-handed use. The ergonomic non-slip handle (Nylon material) makes it comfortable to hold. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out. 

Quick Refill

This model is easily refilled with any brand of butane gas.

Precision Flame Control

The flame strength can be controlled by the air flow.

Patented adjustable flame length device, the flame range is 0.39 to 0.75 inches.

Air flow Control Valve

When properly aligned, the air flow control valve will allow the GF-9262 to burn at a powerful 1350°C (2500°F) butane blue torch flame.

Wind Resistant Flame

The GF-9262 butane torch is highly wind resistant and so it is suitable for outdoor DIY applications.


Dimension:Length50 mm (1.97 inches)
Height203 mm (8.0 inch)
Grip Diameter72 mm (2.83 inches)
Base72 mm (2.83 inch)
Weight:Empty Tank320g
Capacity:Butane Gas Fuel≈25ml
Flame Temperature:≈ 2500 ℉ (1350 ℃)
Flame Length Range:Mid Setting10mm (0.39 inch)  ~  19mm (0.75 inch)
Usage Time:Mid Setting35 minutes use on Each Filling
Material:Gas tank(nylon)  base(PVC)
nozzle(stainless steel)  head(zinc)
Features:1. Built-in metal structure, flame sensitive and safe
2. Integrated gas tank
3. Super double flames

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