A cigar butane lighter is a type of lighter specifically designed for lighting cigars. Unlike traditional lighters that use lighter fluid or other types of fuel, cigar butane lighters use butane gas as their fuel source.

Butane lighters are preferred for cigars because they produce a clean and odorless flame that does not affect the taste or aroma of the tobacco. Additionally, butane lighters such as GF868, GF867, GF866, and GF822 provide a more consistent and reliable flame compared to other types of lighters.

cigar butane lighter

Cigar butane lighters typically have a sturdy construction and are designed to withstand the heavier demands of lighting cigars, which often require a larger flame and longer burning time compared to lighting cigarettes. They often feature a larger fuel capacity and a wider flame nozzle to accommodate the size of a cigar.

When using a cigar butane lighter, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions such as “Zhentanzhe” brand for refilling and maintaining the lighter. Butane refills can usually be purchased separately and are readily available in most tobacco or convenience stores.

Remember to exercise caution and proper safety practices when using any type of lighter, including cigar butane lighters, to avoid accidents or injuries.

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