Choosing between a cigar punch and a cutter is a decision not to be taken lightly. We’ll explore the key differences between these two basic tools and help you decide which one is better for your smoking style.

Learning About Cigar Punches

A cigar punch is a small tool with a curved blade that is used to create a small hole in the cigar’s head. To use it, simply press the blade into the cigar’s head to remove a piece, and it requires no cutting skills.

The advantage of this tool is that the smoke is very concentrated after the cigar is lit with a cigar lighter, and it hardly damages the cap.However, if the hole is too small, you may need to punch several more holes. Be cautious though, as this approach may push tar around the head of the cigar, potentially making the smoke hot and bitter. Additionally, small holes can make drawing difficult. Therefore, when using a cigar punch, consider these factors.

Exploring Cigar Cutters

A cigar cutter is a tool designed to cut the head of a cigar, allowing the smoke to flow smoothly when smoking. There are several types of cigar cutters, including:

Guillotine-Style Cigar Cutter

cigar cutter

Place the cigar in the hole of the guillotine cigar cutter, check the position of the cigar cap, and then pull the handle down to make the cut easily. This type of cutter creates a large cut, making it suitable for cigars of various sizes.

V-Shaped Cut

Hold the V-shaped cigar cutter with your dominant hand and the cigar with the other hand. Align the center of the cigar head with the V-shaped cutter and gently push the cigar in. Be careful not to push too hard to avoid cutting too much. Find the correct position and cut it firmly, ensuring you press the cigar gently. The V-shaped cutter will create a deeper cut. The V-shaped cut is unique and stylish, but it may not be suitable for cigars with shallow caps, as using it can cause the wrapper on the head of the cigar to spread out.

Straight Cut

For the straight cut method, use your dominant hand to hold the cigar cutter. For double-edged cigar cutters, use your thumb and index finger to hold the two rings. For single-edged cigar cutters, use your index finger to hold the ring and your thumb underneath. For handle-type cigar cutters, use the handle to hold the scissors. Gently place the cigar head (near the marked end) into the cigar cutter. Be cautious not to cut too little or too much of the cigar head. Quickly cut off the end of the cigar, ensuring the cutter is pressed all the way down. The straight cut method is the most commonly used and popular among cigar smokers.

Different types of cigars require different cutting tools.

Cigars with smaller ring diameters: Since the hole size of the hole punch is fixed, it is better suited for cigars with smaller ring diameters.

Flat-head cigars

 For flat-head cigars, you can easily punch a hole in the cap using a hole punch.

Regular size or smaller size cigars

V-shaped cigar cutters are only suitable for regular size or smaller size cigars.

Large-sized cigars

 Double-edged cigar cutters can cut cigars of any shape, including Figurado shapes like torpedoes.

Various types of cigars

 Compound cigar cutters are suitable for different types of cigars.

When it comes to choosing between a cigar punch and a cigar cutter, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. This decision depends on your unique cigar-smoking style and personal preferences. However, the ultimate goal remains consistent: selecting the right tools to enhance the flavor of your cigars.

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