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Frequently Asked Questions

Torches are shipped empty of gas in compliance with local and federal shipping laws as well as a safety precaution for customers.

Most torches ignite better when the valve is slightly opened first to allow a light gas flow.

Please see our troubleshooting step for more details.

All Premium Torches include a limited 1 Year Warranty. Please see our Warranty Page for more details.

You can contact our support team via email sales@gas-torch.net or on our website’s contact form page.

On a torch that is not pressure-regulated, the size of the flame varies with the pressure inside of fuel reservoir of your torch. When very cold, the gas pressure is reduced and thus affects the site of the flame.

We do not recommend that users replace igniters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact our Support Team.

Step 1: Empty cans of any remaining gas
Step 2: Search for the nearest Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility.

Instructions can be read from our Product Support page or contact us for getting it.

– Your torches fuel tank may be empty – Refer to Step of BUTANE REFILL INSTRUCTIONS

– Your butane pressure may be set too low

– Your piezo spark mechanism may be too far away from the butane jet nozzles – adjust it by carefully bending it closer toward the jet nozzles.

– Your butane fuel is too low (refer to BUTANE REFILL INSTRUCTIONS)

– My torch will NOT spark at all:

Your butane pressure may be too low, the butane gas is refilling too much, it will be caused this flying flame, please use a ballpoint pen or small screwdriver to drain extra butane fuel from the lighter by depressing the filling valve.

Since the butane pressure is different, your torch must be depressurized prior to first use. Please use tools to drain extra butane fuel first before refilling.

butane gas torch GF-912
butane gas torch GF-912