Fire Torch

The Fire Torch provides a powerful adjustable flame perfect for soldering, brazing, shrink tubing, mini welding, jewelry making, wood burning, and more hobbies. A must-have multipurpose butane torch for makers and DIYers.

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  • big flame torch GF8010

    Big BBQ Fire Torch Gun GF8010

    Unleash the Power of a Big Flame: The GF8010 is all about delivering a powerful flame. When you need intense heat for searing, browning, or caramelizing, this torch has you covered.

    Culinary Brilliance: Elevate your culinary creations with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, this torch is your secret weapon for adding that perfect finishing touch to your dishes.

    Versatile Beyond the Kitchen: The GF8010 is not limited to culinary use alone. It’s your tool for various applications, from DIY projects to crafting, making it an essential part of your toolkit.

    Ergonomic and User-Friendly: Designed for user comfort, the GF8010 boasts an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable grip, even during extended use.

  • wholesal torch lighter GF-905

    Chef Torch GF905

    GF-905 Butane Torch provides powerful and stable butane flame output for demanding jobs where variable BTU output is required. It comes with a solid base for hands-free use. It also features a 180° rotate use. (Butane Gas not Included)

    • Delicate Gift Set
    • One-handed Operation
    • Precision Flame Control (Adjustable Airflow)
    • Refillable Blow Torch
    • Ergonomic Grip
  • flame cutting torch GF8761A

    Double flame Fire Torch Lighter GF8761A With Fuel Gauge

    Double Flame: The dual flames provide a wider and more powerful flame, making it ideal for lighting larger items or achieving a quicker and more even ignition.

    Fuel Gauge: The incorporated fuel gauge displays the remaining butane gas, preventing unexpected outages. It’s always good to refill your lighter before it runs out of fuel.

    Adjustable Flame: You can typically adjust the flame intensity using a convenient flame adjustment wheel, allowing you to control the size of the flame based on your specific needs.

    Ergonomic Design: The lighter is designed for ease of use and comfortable handling, with a simple ignition mechanism and grip.

    Safety Features: Many modern torch lighters come with safety features such as a child-resistant mechanism, a safety cap, or an automatic shut-off feature to prevent accidents.

  • jet flame torch GF-912

    Outdoor Jet Flame Fire Torch Lighter With LED Light GF912

    Jet Flame: The GF912 lighter produces a concentrated jet flame that is wind-resistant and reliable, making it ideal for lighting fires, stoves, or outdoor grills in challenging conditions.

    LED Light: The built-in LED light serves as both a convenient light source and a useful tool for illuminating the area while starting fires or navigating in the dark.

    Refillable: This torch lighter is typically refillable with butane gas, allowing you to use it repeatedly. Ensure you use high-quality butane fuel for optimal performance.

    Durable Design: Outdoor torch lighters like the GF912 are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, often featuring rugged construction and materials that can handle various weather conditions.

  • portable barbecue torch GF908

    Portable Outdoor Barbecue Torch GF-908

    • Adjustable Flame: This torch lighter allows performers to control the flame’s size, ensuring a tailored experience.
    • Safety Lock: Designed with safety in mind, it comes with a safety lock feature that prevents accidental ignition.
    • Ergonomic Design: The user-friendly design ensures a comfortable grip, minimizing hand fatigue during performances.
    • Long-Lasting Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures that the torch is ready for use when needed.
    • Durable Build: Crafted with high-quality materials, the GF908 is built to withstand the rigors of fire performance.
    • Refillable Fuel Chamber: Performers can easily refill the torch with the preferred fuel, ensuring uninterrupted acts.
  • wholesal torch lighter GF-9262

    Super Welding Torch Double Flame GF9262

    GF-9262 Big Double Flame Butane Torch Refillable Industrial Torch Portable Anti-Flare Brass Nozzle Adjustable Flames with Child Safety Lock Multipurpose for Soldering Baking Kitchen Torch (Butane Gas Not Included)

    • FEATURE: 2500ºF burn time. Anti-Flare Brass nozzle. Piezo instant ignition
    • APPLICATION: Widely used in Dental Labs, Bending Glass, Plastic or Metal tubing, Wood Graining, Removing old paint, Tile Laying, Wire soldering, Silver Soldering, Soften Putty, Plumbing repair, etc.
    • PORTABLE: Lightweight and Portable with over 35 minutes of high-grade 2500ºF (1350 ℃) burn time. Fulfill all of your soldering and other needs. Fits easily in your toolbox. Precision Flame Control.
    • POWERFUL: The powerful, portable and Anti-flare butane refillable torch. Strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out. 
  • Windproof barbecue torch GF876

    Windproof Barbecue Filling Torch GF-876

    • Temperature Regulation: The GF-876 boasts a unique temperature control mechanism, allowing users to adjust the flame’s heat intensity seamlessly, ensuring perfect results whether you’re caramelizing a dessert or brazing a metal joint.
    • Quick Ignition System: With its state-of-the-art ignition technology, the GF-876 ensures immediate and consistent flame initiation, saving time and enhancing the user experience.
    • Fuel Efficiency: Engineered with sustainability in mind, the GF-876’s design ensures optimal fuel consumption, providing longer usage periods between refills while being eco-friendly.
  • custom jet lighter GF928A

    Zhentanzhe Fire Torch GF-928A

    • Sleek Design: Its sleek and modern design adds sophistication to any outdoor setting, making it more than just a torch; it’s a statement of your taste.
    • Safety First: The GF-928A prioritizes safety with its stable base, ensuring it won’t tip over easily. The adjustable flame lets you customize the ambiance while maintaining safety.
    • Versatile Usage: Whether you’re hosting a summer BBQ, a cozy date night, or a special event, this torch is the perfect addition to enhance the atmosphere.