Windproof Lighter

As a manufacturer of windproof lighter, ZhenTanZhe provides a variety of types specifically for outdoor use, such as: windproof gas lighter, windproof cigar lighter, windproof barbecue gun, windproof cigar spray gun, windproof filling lighter, windproof high temperature spray gun, windproof high temperature torch, windproof portable blowtorch, windproof portable lighter, etc. We wholesale various types of windproof lighter to global merchants.

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  • cigarette lighter refillable GF868

    Big Torch Cigarette lighter GF-868

    Torch Lighter GF-868, Refillable Butane Lighter with Lock, Windproof Gas Lighter Adjustable Jet Flame Lighters, Fireplace Fireworks Grill Camping cigarette Lighter (Without Gas)

    • 【Windproof Jet Flame Lighter】 High-pressure jet flame with a temperature of 2100°F, easily resists wind. The multipurpose lighter is suitable for Cigar Candle Fireplace Fireworks Grill Camping.
    • 【Refillable Gas Lighter】Our outdoor lighters are repeatedly filled with butane, you can adjust the flame without tools. Take out the tank and against the light to determine how much gas is left.
    • 【Durable and portable】The Torch Lighter is made of engineering plastic and zinc alloy and can easily resist drops. Come with a lanyard for better carrying.
  • cigar butane torch GF911

    Butane Outdoor Cigar Lighter Torch GF-911

    Butane Torch GF-911, Refillable Cigar Torch Lighter with Safety Lock, Adjustable Flame, and Adjustable Torch Head for Smoking, Baking, Creme Brulee, Desserts, BBQ, and DIY Soldering (Butane Gas Not Included)

    • Unique Adjustable Torch Head Design. For your convenience, we update the torch design, the adjustable angle range of the long angled nozzle is 0-60 degrees, and you can adjust to the angle as you need.
    • Refillable. The torch can be refilled with any brand of butane whether long nozzle or short nozzle and an adapter is included for you to lengthen the nozzle to fill the torch. 
    • Adjustable Flame. With Ignition Technology, you can use the torch at any angle even upside down. Press the button to light the fire and lock up the safety lock at the same time, the torch can keep firing without pressing. A gas flow regulator allows adjusting the flame as you need.
    • Multiple Uses. The torch is not only ideal for baking cake, melting cheeses and chocolates, BBQ, searing meat and seafood, but also great for lighting your fireplace, candles or cigars, dabbing, welding, jewelry making, camping, and various art & craft applications such as art resin, and so on. Flame temperature can reach up to 1300 °C/2372 °F.
  • blue-flame-torch

    Jet Flame Torch Lighter GF926

    GF-9262 Big Double Flame Butane Torch Refillable Industrial Torch Portable Anti-Flare Brass Nozzle Adjustable Flames with Child Safety Lock Multipurpose for Soldering Baking Kitchen Torch (Butane Gas Not Included)

    • FEATURE: 2500ºF burn time. Anti-Flare Brass nozzle. Piezo instant ignition
    • APPLICATION: Widely used in Dental Labs, Bending Glass, Plastic or Metal tubing, Wood Graining, Removing old paint, Tile Laying, Wire soldering, Silver Soldering, Soften Putty, Plumbing repair, etc.
    • PORTABLE: Lightweight and Portable with over 35 minutes of high-grade 2500ºF (1350 ℃) burn time. Fulfill all of your soldering and other needs. Fits easily in your toolbox. Precision Flame Control.
    • POWERFUL: The powerful, portable and Anti-flare butane refillable torch. Strong and sturdy brass flame nozzle, detachable base and precision flame control. Turn it upside down without worrying about flame blow-out. 
  • gas lighter GF829

    Outdoor Torch Smoking Gas Lighter GF-829

    GF-829 Smoking cigar butane adjustable flame torches gas torch lighters

  • jet flame torch

    Soft Smoking Cigar Flame Lighter GF867

    GF-867 smoking cigar lighter windproof luxury pink jet flame torch gas lighter custom logo (Without Butane)

    • 【Adjustable Flame】The flame of the kitchen torch is adjustable. This torch lighter can create a continuous flame up to 15CM and the temperature can reach 2370°F/1300°C. You can adjust the “+” direction to increase the flame length, and adjust to the “-” direction to decrease the flame length to meet different needs.
    • 【Continuous Flame】The jet gas lighter has a flame lock-on for continuous hands-free operation, slide the lock on to ignite and lock the flame to keep the flame burning.
    • 【Refillable & Easy to Operate】 Refill the butane torch lighter with any brand of butane. Simply slide the security lock to open and light up with Piezo Ignition Technology.  Please note that butane gas is not included.
    • 【Gas Fuel Gauge Windows】Easy-to-Read Gauge,  this jet lighter comes with a fuel gauge window that easily reads the lighter’s current gas level. 
  • Windproof barbecue torch GF876

    Windproof Barbecue Filling Torch GF-876

    • Temperature Regulation: The GF-876 boasts a unique temperature control mechanism, allowing users to adjust the flame’s heat intensity seamlessly, ensuring perfect results whether you’re caramelizing a dessert or brazing a metal joint.
    • Quick Ignition System: With its state-of-the-art ignition technology, the GF-876 ensures immediate and consistent flame initiation, saving time and enhancing the user experience.
    • Fuel Efficiency: Engineered with sustainability in mind, the GF-876’s design ensures optimal fuel consumption, providing longer usage periods between refills while being eco-friendly.
  • Windproof Cigar Lighter GF 901

    Windproof Cigar Lighter GF901

    • Dual Utility: Effortlessly transition between the Windproof Cigar Lighter and the Windproof Cigar Blowtorch functionalities, addressing all your cigar lighting needs in one gadget.
    • Unwavering Flame: Designed with cutting-edge windproof technology, BlazeElite ensures a steady and robust flame, undeterred by external conditions.
    • Tailored Flame Adjustments: Personalize your lighting with adjustable flame settings, making it ideal for various cigar types and sizes.
  • best small torch lighter GF866

    Windproof Cigar Spray Gun GF866

    • Windproof Design: The Windproof Cigar Spray Gun GF866 is meticulously crafted to withstand windy conditions, ensuring that you can light up your cigar anywhere, anytime without any hassle.
    • Precision Flame Control: Get the perfect burn every time with its adjustable flame settings, catering to cigars of all sizes and types.
    • Ergonomic Build: Designed with users in mind, the GF866 boasts an ergonomic grip for comfortable and safe handling during use.
    • Long-lasting Durability: Constructed with high-quality materials, this spray gun is not only stylish but also built to last, making it a worthy investment for cigar lovers.
  • lighter torch jet flame GF-877

    Zhentanzhe Best Culinary torch GF-877

    • Flame Control: Easily adjust the flame for precise results
    • Safety Lock: Ensures safe and controlled usage
    • Refillable: Quickly replenish with butane gas for extended use
    • Compact Design: Easy to store and handle
    • Versatile: Ideal for various culinary applications