Outdoor Jet Flame Fire Torch Lighter With LED Light GF912

Jet Flame: The GF912 lighter produces a concentrated jet flame that is wind-resistant and reliable, making it ideal for lighting fires, stoves, or outdoor grills in challenging conditions.

LED Light: The built-in LED light serves as both a convenient light source and a useful tool for illuminating the area while starting fires or navigating in the dark.

Refillable: This torch lighter is typically refillable with butane gas, allowing you to use it repeatedly. Ensure you use high-quality butane fuel for optimal performance.

Durable Design: Outdoor torch lighters like the GF912 are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, often featuring rugged construction and materials that can handle various weather conditions.

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The GF912 Outdoor Jet Flame Fire Torch Lighter with LED Light is your perfect adventure companion. Whether you’re exploring the wilderness, camping under the stars, or embarking on thrilling nighttime adventures, this versatile tool has you covered. With its powerful jet flame and integrated LED light, it’s the ultimate choice for illuminating your path and igniting your bold spirit.

【SOS Mode & LED light with USB charging】Quickly press the function button twice to switch to SOS mode. At this time, this butane torch will send out a distress signal through the flashing light to help you get out of danger in time outdoors.

Quick Refill

This model is easily refilled with any brand of butane gas.

Precision Flame Control

The flame strength can be controlled by the air flow.

Patented adjustable flame length device, the flame range is 0.2 to 0.5 inches.

Air flow Control Valve
When properly aligned, the air flow control valve will allow the GF-912 to burn at a powerful 1300°C (2400°F) butane blue torch flame.
Wind Resistant Flame​
The GF-912 butane torch is highly wind-resistant and so it is suitable for outdoor DIY applications.
Dimension:Length59 mm (2.32 inch)
Height130 mm (5.12 inch)
Weight:Empty Tank210g
Capacity:Butane Gas Fuel≈ 9ml
Flame Temperature:≈ 2400 ℉ (1300 ℃)
Flame Length Range:Mid Setting5mm (0.2 inch)  ~  13mm (0.5 inch)
Usage Time:Mid Setting30 minutes use on Each Filling
Features:1. Explosion-proof safety intake valve
2. Rotation patent design
3. SOS mode with LED light design



  1. DO NOT touch flame nozzle while in use, or until sufficient time has passed for cooling.
  2. DO NOT immerse heated parts or items in water, allow them to cool naturally.
  3. Keep away from eyes in this torch lighter.
  4. Keep out of reach of children.
  5. Use only butane gas in this torch lighter.
  6. DO NOT unscrew the valve at the bottom.
  7. DO NOT store at a temperature exceeding 40℃/104℉ for a long time.
  8. The flame is nearly invisible in bright light or sunlight. Make sure the gas flow is turned off when not used.
  9. For Safety, keep it on the lock status when not in use.

Butane Refill Instructions

  1. Use only high-quality butane fuel.
  2. Never fill in the presence of an open flame or sparks.
  3. Never fill lit or hot torch lighter
  4. Before filling butane gas, use a ballpoint pen or small screwdriver to drain any remaining butane fuel from the lighter by depressing the filling valve.
  5. Shake the gas cylinder a couple of times.
  6. Hold the torch lighter upside down and insert the nozzle into the gas filling valve (the bottom of the torch lighter). And fill time do not over 8 seconds.
  7. Let torch lighter rest for a few minutes before ignition once filling full.How to fill butane gas


1. Please press the button to ignite the flame.

2. Adjust the flame size on the gas flow regular to meet your demands.

3. Slide the continuous lock to keep the burning flame without ignition button.

jet flame torch GF-912
jet flame torch GF-912

butane gas torch GF-912


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