People who play outdoors must have heard of the butane torch. At present, there are many types of butane torches with different designs. It is very practical, especially for novices. It must be prepared. Let’s talk about its common uses.

Use 1: Ignite the barbecue grill

When grilling outdoors, we usually put the anthracite directly in the oven, and then ignite it. There are two common types. The first is to ignite with solid alcohol, and the second is to use our butane torch to ignite. The temperature of the flame sprayed by the torch lighter can reach 1300 degrees, and the anthracite can be quickly ignited within 30 seconds, thereby quickly entering the barbecue state.

The advantage of the butane torch is that it has a lot of firepowers, which is much faster than solid alcohol ignition.

Use 2: Light a bonfire

Campfire is one of the most sensational activities in outdoor camping. Some camps will also prepare wood for campers in advance, but remember that camps that can provide firewood will basically not provide tinder for ignition. In this case, it is necessary to we use a butane torch to light a campfire quickly. In addition, if it is in a relatively humid environment in the wild, or it has just rained, then the firewood we find on the scene is wet, and ordinary matches or lighters cannot be ignited, and the advantages of the butane torch can be reflected. , its flame can reach 1300 degrees, it can quickly dry the firewood, and then quickly ignite the wet firewood.

Use three: barbecue

When we have a picnic outdoors, some people like to use a butane torch to process meat. This is generally a test of barbecue experience, and the food grilled with a butane torch is also very delicious.

In addition, there are many uses of the butane torch, such as lighting mosquito coils outdoors, lighting stoves, lighting alcohol stoves, cooking, melting snow, melting ice, temporary barbecue, etc. In short, as long as it is something that needs to be ignited, you can use it with the help of butane torch to complete. Sometimes the butane torch can also be used as a self-defense tool. Wild animals are afraid of open flames, and the butane torch can sometimes scare away these small animals.

Choice of butane torch:

The choice of the butane torch is also very experienced. The first shop you buy must be a professional outdoor shop, and then it depends on the price. Don’t be greedy for cheap. So remind everyone that quality is very important.

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