Torch for outdoor use

When it comes to flame torches, many people will feel very strange, in fact, in some outdoor activities, flame torches are still very important.

Using a torch can make you have a better ability to survive in the wild.

The butane torch will bring you great help when you encounter unexpected situations. For example, in some emergency situations, if you can use the flame torch to quickly ignite combustibles such as dry wood, wood, stones, etc., it will let us Finding water and food is easier when you’re outside.

The flame torch also has a very important role, that is, it can improve our field survival ability! Many times you may not realize that the problem has been exposed…

1. How to quickly ignite combustibles

The main principle of the spray gun is to use compressed air to fill the nozzle of the torch with air, and then the compressed air expands to form a high pressure, which makes the sprayed flame burn.

When the pressure of the spray flame exceeds a certain limit, the flame sprayed from the jet torch will ignite the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of ignition.

2. How to keep the jet flame lighter clean and reduce dirt

Be sure to clean it in time after use.

If you put a piece of charcoal in the torch, you need to wipe the dust off the surface with a dry cloth first.

When cleaning, please be careful not to scrub with too hard things, so as not to damage the torch.

3. How to deal with emergencies when camping outdoors?

When camping outdoors, what should we do if we suddenly encounter an emergency?

If your camp is far away from water and food, or you don’t have enough time to find water and food, then we can try to start a fire in place.

Here’s an easy way to do it: attach the flame torch to the outer edge of the tent.

Once you are close to the flame, press the injector switch firmly again. This method requires a certain amount of strength.

Fourth, the necessary equipment for outdoor camping

1. Ignition device: lighter, matches or other fuels that can be used to ignite;

2. fire torch: choose good quality, and the flame-throwing effect is better when used in dry areas;

3. Air tank (or other high temperature resistant, pressure resistant, wear-resistant and durable container): generally used for outdoor camping;

4. Lighter: There must be no gas, otherwise it will cause gas leakage and cannot be ignited;

5. Gas cylinders: it is best to choose butane or propane cylinders, which are safer and more environmentally friendly.

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